Orphaned Rhino Calf

Orphaned Rhino Calf Update 2

Conservation teams at Aquila have been trying desperately to separate the male rhino from the calf. An attempt to coax the male away was unsuccessful, preparations were underway to dart the male when it (the male) suddenly turned on the calf.

Aquila rangers jumped into action and risking all managed to drive the male away. The calf was successfully uplifted and taken to in ARC (Aquila Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre) where it will be rehydrated and cared for. 

While the rescue team have been kept busy with the rhinos another team have been busy filling a “shopping list” for the little fellow which includes Horse’s  milk (colostrum).   The hand rearing process will continue for approximately 18 months after which time an attempt will be made to reintroduce the calf to the group.

The calf weighed 64 kgs and is being bottle fed on horse milk. It will initially be fed every 2 hours (demand) and will get aprox 600 ml per feed.

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