Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre

We are a non-profit animal rescue centre (A.R.C.) specialising in the conservation and rehabilitation of Cape Town’s wildlife. Our organisation has become an essential part in the recovery and rescue of endangered wild animals in modern South Africa, including the Saving Private Rhino Foundation, Black Eagle Project, Eco Synergy Initiative, Orphan Rhino Calf Programme, and more. 

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Aquila has established a sanctuary for wildlife through various initiatives & projects

ARC is a Non-profit Charity Organisation

You have to understand that there is a romance to Africa! You can see a sunset and believe you have witnessed the hand of God”

Aquila Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Conservation Centre (ARC) is a non-profit section 21 organisation (#2004/011009/08). Established as a sanctuary for animals that can never be released into the wild again, ARC has evolved into the Western Cape’s biggest rehabilitation centre, providing a temporary home for those in need of attention before being released back into the wild.