Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation lies at the heart of ARC’s initiatives. Recognising the importance of maintaining the reserve’s ecological balance, our team is committed to planting indigenous and edible game trees, proactively conserving the Karoo’s natural landscape and delicate fynbos biome.

One of our most significant achievements has been the successful reintroduction of native wildlife species to the Western Cape. Notably, the reserve has witnessed the triumphant return of rare and endangered animals, such as the Verreaux’s (black) eagles and the elusive Cape mountain leopard. These creatures heavily rely on the reserve for breeding, hunting, and ultimately, their continued survival.

ARC’s commitment to wildlife conservation goes beyond habitat restoration. Our newly established Education Center acts as a foundation of knowledge, providing valuable insights into our Wildlife Rehabilitation Initiatives and Eco Synergy systems, raising awareness about the importance of  community involvement and minimising our carbon footprint. 


Rescue & Rehabilitation Initiatives

Aquila’s conservation programme has invested over R1million into building a large outdoor sanctuary comprising of several one hectare fenced camps, where once doomed “canned lions” can live out the remainder of their lives in a spacious and stimulating environment. ARC is also home to a rescued leopard and cheetah breeding pair (part of our impactful cheetah breeding programme).

Most notably, we have been fortunate enough to be able to rescue and release animals from the centre. With remarkable success, including the release of three Mountain Leopards, numerous Lynx, Cape Porcupines, Owls, and many other species. 

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