Robben Island

World Heritage Site Preservation

Robben Island Assistance

On the 29 April 2008 Searl Derman, owner and founder of Aquila Private Game Reserve, came across a newspaper article headlining how the fallow deer and rabbits were starving on Robben Island. He immediately contacted the appropriate authorities to find out how he could assist them. Searl and the Aquila team then set out to meet with Robben Island, and the other involved parties, in order to find a solution to the problem at hand.

The Success of Robben Island

The Robben Island initiative has generated much-needed international coverage and attention towards ARC’s conservation and animals rescue projects. Besides the huge amount of positive media coverage, Searl Derman has been personally acknowledged on local radio stations, including Good Hope FM, 567 Cape Talk, KFM, Bush Radio; and tv, such as Take 5 at Indaba, Carte Blanche and CNBC; as well as multiple newspapers, magazines and internet sites worldwide.

To date Aquila Private Game Reserve has financed over R250 000 to the Robben Island project.

Mr. Derman was given the honour of giving the official speech at Madiba’s 90th birthday in front of South Africa’s most prestigious leaders and celebrities. Mr. Derman was also honoured to be invited to plant a tree on the island for his major contribution in saving Robben Island's World Heritage Status. 18 July 2008
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