Black Eagle Initiative


Black Eagle Conservation

Cape Town’s Big 5, Aquila Private Game Reserve, was created 15 years ago, and is named after the rarely-sighted Black or Verreaux’s Eagle (Aquila verreauxii). This raptor is regularly seen from a distance by eagle-eyed rangers and Aquila’s guests.

In partnership with ARC (Animal Rescue Centre), Aquila is committed to safeguarding the black eagle population whilst providing a 10 000 hectare reserve environment for their conservation in the Western Cape, South Africa. With increasing threats from poaching, natural habitat-loss, and urban expansion, Aquila’s focus on habitat preservation and wildlife restoration ensures Black Eagles have access to suitable nesting sites and natural prey resources.

Aquila verreauxii

Verreaux's (Black) Eagle

KINGDOM  : Animalia

PHYLUM : Chordata

CLASS  : Aves

ORDER : Accipitriformes

FAMILY  : Accipitridae

GENUS : Aquila

SPECIES :  A. verreauxii

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Sighted: Aquila's Black Eagles