Saving Private Rhino

Save The Rhino

The ongoing threat of poaching has led to the loss of over 10,000 African rhinos in the last decade. Established to combat the horrors of rhino poaching, ARC’s “Saving Private Rhino” initiative ensures the future conservation of Africa’s animal heritage. By providing the most comprehensive and integrated anti-poaching solution available to every private game reserve in Africa, Saving Private Rhino is committed to protecting and defending Africa’s wildlife.

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Saving Private Rhino Initiative

In August 2011 Aquila Private Game Reserve was hit by a horrific poaching incident that saw three rhinos attacked, with two of the rhino brutally killed and de-horned. Free counter-poaching security training courses have been established to teach rangers how to protect themselves, as well as their rhino and wildlife population.

Joining the war against poachers, the Saving Private Rhino initiative has spared no expense in ensuring the survival and well-being of Cape Town’s rhino population. Aquila’s Animal Rescue Centre (ARC), in partnership with Saving Private Rhino, are responsible for a R30million ivory arrest, the largest ever in the Western Cape. On a separate occasion, two Zambian nationals were arrested trying to sell a baby rhino horn covered in blood.

Generous donations from supporters continue to aid in the investigative processes and medical bills needed to assist with the recovery and protection of rhinos affected by poaching.

African White Rhinoceros

KINGDOM: Animalia

PHYLUM: Chordata

CLASS :  Mammalia

ORDER: Perissodactyla

FAMILY : Rhinocerotidae

GENUS : Ceratotherium

SPECIES : Ceratotherium simum

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