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Aquila's Animal Rescue Centre

Cape Town’s Big 5 Safari, Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa, is named after the rarely-sighted Verreaux’s Eagle, also called the ‘Black Eagle’ in Southern Africa.

Learn about out waste management programmes, worm farms, bio gas plants, community vegetable and herb gardens, aquaponics systems, and more.

Established to help abandoned and orphaned rhino calves, this project helps rehabilitate young rhinos until they’re able to be released back into the reserve.

Cheetah numbers in the wild are dwindling rapidly due to habitat loss throughout Africa, resulting in the drastic decline of natural prey.

Native to the Western Cape’s mountainous regions, ARC is passionate about rehabilitating Cape Leopards back into their natural habitat.

A private reserve set aside for the protection of abused or captive-bred animals, A.R.C provides the perfect location for wildlife rescue & rehabilitation.

Our Crocodile Initiative requires ongoing effort to acclimate and rehabilitate Nile Crocodiles rescued from exhibits and breeding farms.

Recognised by “Campaign Against Canned Hunting,” ARC is dedicated to rescuing captive African lions in an effort to rehabilitate their natural instincts and quality of life.

Established to ensure the future conservation and safety of Africa’s rhino heritage, S.P.R. provides anti-poaching solutions to private game reserves throughout Africa.