From Farm to Table: A Menu Inspired by Nature Conservation

Cape Town, 21 September 2023

On your next visit to Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa, be sure to look out for the fruits of ARC’s sustainability initiatives. As you sit down to relish a delightful meal or sip on an ice-cold drink after your safari, take note of the vibrant, fresh produce and homegrown ingredients that grace your table. From the juiciest strawberries and tangy lemon slices, to crisp lettuce and sweet red onions, Aquila’s Eco Synergy Systems, located at the heart of the Animal Rescue Centre (ARC), grow a majority of the reserve’s fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Conservation is like an Onion, It has many Layers

At the forefront of Aquila’s conservation efforts stands the Animal Rescue Centre (ARC), a haven for injured, endangered or orphaned wildlife. As part of the broader Eco Synergy Systems Initiative, this innovative facility not only rehabilitates and releases animals back into their natural habitat, but also plays a fundamental role in creating a sustainable ecosystem within the reserve.

The Eco Synergy Centre is a testament to Aquila’s dedication to sustainability, where the concept of a farm-to-table experience comes to life. Aquila’s greenhouses, orchards and farms are specially designed to grow a variety of organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs within the Karoo’s harsh environment. But the work is worth the reward. The produce harvested is seamlessly integrated into the reserve’s restaurants and traditional cuisine options, ensuring a dining experience that is both delicious and environmentally conscious.

Conservation Meets Culinary Excellence

Imagine savouring a dish crafted with ingredients plucked from the soil beneath your feet. The restaurants at Aquila Private Game Reserve take pride in presenting a menu that reflects the seasonal harvests and organic produce grown at ARC’s Eco Synergy Centre. From fresh salads bursting with flavour to succulent mains enriched with herbs cultivated on-site, every dish narrates a story of sustainability and a deep connection to nature.

Help Support Our Eco Synergy Initiatives

Aquila’s commitment extends beyond providing organic and sustainable produce to the reserve. The Eco Synergy System is about fostering a lasting connection between safari guests and the local environment. Visitors to the reserve have the unique opportunity to tour the Eco Synergy Systems Centre, learning about the incredible processes that contribute to the fresh and ethically sourced ingredients gracing their plates.

Join us on a complimentary tour, where wildlife conservation and culinary excellence combine to create a truly extraordinary farm-to-table experience in the heart of South Africa’s Karoo.

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