New Life at Inverdoorn Sparks Hope for Rhino Conservation

Cape Town, May 02, 2022

In a heartwarming turn of events, Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve, part of the Aquila Collection, experienced a moment of hope following the latest poaching tragedy. Back in December 2021, a devastating poaching incident resulted in the deaths of four white rhino, and left a pregnant cow severely injured. However, the reserve recently announced the birth of a healthy male baby rhino on April 30, 2023.

ARC hopes that the successful rescue and birth of a new rhino will serve as a beacon of hope for wildlife conservation efforts across the continent.

On 8 December 2021, the Inverdoorn Anti-poaching team came across a horrific rhino poaching incident on the 10000-hectare Western Cape wildlife reserve. Four dead rhinos had their horns brutally removed, while an injured female rhino was missing and had to be tracked. A specialist team was immediately assembled to firstly find her, and then look after her safety while guiding her through recovery. 

The injured female rhino, who survived the horrifying ordeal, was skilfully treated by specialist veterinarian Douw Grobler, who initiated a series of reconstructive procedures to help her recover from severe injuries caused by a high-caliber rifle shot.

In a miraculous turn of events, on Saturday 30 of April, a new-born white Rhinoceros was discovered by one of the Inverdoorn rangers on an early morning game drive, struggling in an aardvark hole. The anti-poaching team and management were immediately notified, and the Aquila 24 Hour Rapid Rhino Response Team (a privately funded unit established to locate, rescue and rehabilitate any orphaned rhinos from private game reserves throughout South Africa) was activated.

“The onsite team managed to pull the baby rhino free from the hole without any injury, and identified it as a baby male rhino calling for his mother”

Tears of joy from the management and reserve teams followed as they managed to reunite the newborn rhino with his mother, who was quickly identified as the surviving rhino from the horrendous poaching incident that took place in  December 2021.

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