Now Orphaned, Inverdoorn's Surviving Rhino Calf Remains a Symbol of Hope

Cape Town, May 10, 2022

Aquila Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre (ARC), in partnership with the Saving Private Rhino organisation, have successfully recovered and cared for an orphaned rhino calf. The newborn rhino, along with its mother, had only recently survived a devastating poaching incident which took the lives of four rhino.

The dedicated Aquila 24 Hour Rapid Rhino Response team, working closely with the Anti Poaching Unit, rushed to the scene after the mother abandoned the calf shortly after birth.

Regrettably, the mother rhino was unable to provide sufficient milk, leaving the newborn calf vulnerable without essential nutrition to bolster its immune system. Recognising the critical situation, the monitoring team acted swiftly and made the vital decision to save the calf’s life by moving it to a rhino orphanage under the management of the Aquila’s Animal Rescue Centre.

Searl Derman, owner of Aquila, has been personally involved in providing specialised care for the orphaned rhino. 

Experts overseeing the orphaned calf’s progress revealed that it was born prematurely and underweight, highlighting the urgency of the rescue and subsequent care. The rhino has been receiving round-the-clock specialist attention, with no expense spared on medical treatment and veterinary care, to give it the best possible chance at life.

“While the rhino is stable, it requires an abundance of love and support during this critical phase of its life,” said one of the monitoring team members. The rescue centre will continue to provide regular updates on the calf’s progress in the coming days.

The Aquila Collection, in close collaboration with the Saving Private Rhino NGO, has ensured that the care facilities are not open to the public. The rhino orphanage remains a secure and safe space for the calf’s rehabilitation and recovery. Funding for this vital initiative has been generously provided by the Rescue Centre and multi award-winning Saving Private Rhino organisation, with hopes of further support from corporate and public donations.

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