Update: Meet Osita, Our Orphaned Rhino Calf

Cape Town, September 01, 2016

Meet Osita, the once-vulnerable calf, at the ARC Rhino Orphanage. Nine months have passed since the heroic rescue of the orphaned rhino calf at Aquila Private Game Reserve on New Years Day. Under the devoted care of skilled caretakers and conservationists, Osita has flourished into a spirited and resilient young rhino. From those initial days of being bottle-fed with horse’s milk, to the 24 hour attention received at the Animal Rescue Centre, Osita’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Quick facts on Osita's Journey

Name: Osita, a word of Nigerian (Igbo) origin meaning: “from today onwards it will be better”

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 31 December 2015

Home: Aquila Game Reserve, Western Cape, South Africa 

Weight at rescue: 65 kilograms

Current weight: over 530kg – 1 Sep 2016 (and gaining around 1kg per day) 

 Feeds: The newborn, Osita, was initially given 140ml of foal milk formula seven times a day. He is now eating a variety of grasses and approx 30 litres of milk per day, starting with breakfast at 06h00.

Favourite activities: Long walks in the morning and afternoon and daily mud baths 

Wake-up time: 06h00

Bedtime: 21h00 (and many naps during the day)

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